Elevator Preliminary Order

Elevator Preliminary Order Corrections Form

If an inspector finds requirements that need to be corrected on your conveyance, you will receive a Preliminary Order (PO) from the district office. The address and phone number of that office are listed on the PO. You can call that office to verify correctness. Once the repairs and corrections have been made you must send the required written notice of corrections to the specified district office. If your elevator service company has stated that they will contact the Division with this written documentation, please note that the responsibility for this written notification of compliance of all requirements is yours, and do not rely on any other agreement. Some of the requirements are building-related and the elevator company does not clear them.

If the district office does not receive written notification that the requirements have been corrected within 30 days, an Order To Correct Unsafe Conditions Or To Show Cause will be mailed to you indicating that you have 30 days to provide written proof that you have complied with the Preliminary Order or Show Cause why you need an extension. If written compliance is not received within 30 days and an extension is not granted, an Order Prohibiting Use will be issued and the conveyance will be shut down for non-compliance. An additional fee of $675 will be assessed for this.

Email:  preliminaryorders@nullparamountelevator.com