Hydraulic Pump Replacement

The hydraulic portion of the hydraulic elevator system consists of various components including one or more hydraulic cylinders‚ an electronically controlled valve‚ an oil reservoir and one or more positive displacement pumps. This pump design is preferred due to it’s inherit quiet and smooth operation and high reliability. The pump can be installed either within the oil reservoir driven directly by an oil cooled electric motor‚ or the pump can be installed beneath the reservoir‚ driven by an electric motor through a series of belts and pulleys. In either installation configuration‚ the pumping unit will deliver years of uninterrupted service‚ requiring only minor‚ periodic maintenance.

If your hydraulic elevator pumping unit is showing signs of old age, you may need to replace either part of the unit or the entire unit itself. Signs of old age range from frequent re-leveling of the elevator to erratic stopping at the floor to out of level stops.

This type of modernization can include:

  • Replacement of the entire pumping unit (tank, motor, pump and valve)
  • Replacement of the control valve
  • Replacement of the pump and motor