Traction Elevator Repair


Traction elevator repairs are detailed and crucial services that ensure not only the operation of your system, but also its safety. Building managers rely on Paramount Elevator Company for both scheduled and emergency services on a 24/7/365 basis

Geared traction elevators have historically have been used in mid-rise, moderate-use buildings of 5 to 15 stories and typically operate at speeds of 200 fpm to 500 fpm in passenger, service, and freight elevator applications. Geared traction elevators achieve their vertical motion from an AC electric motor that is directly coupled to a worm (gear) shaft. The worm gear in turn rotates a ring gear. A drive sheave or pulley is attached to the ring gear. Steel cables or “hoist ropes” run from the top of the elevator car, over the drive sheave, to the top of the counterweight. The downward force caused by gravity acting on the weight of the car and counterweight creates friction between the steel cables and the drive sheave, thus creating “traction.” As the drive sheave rotates, the elevator car is raised or lowered.

Traction or cable elevator repair systems are made up of numerous parts that are susceptible to wear and tear over time. Geared traction elevators in particular, take a beating due to the great amount of friction and grinding of gears during operation. Much like a car engine, when the bearings and gears deteriorate beyond repair, they must be replaced. Motors, brake assemblies, guide shoes and buffers also tend to wear down; creating safety and operational hazards that can cause property damage as well as personal injury.

Your elevator repair company should have the expertise and experience to know when parts or systems require simple maintenance, repair, or replacement. Paramount Elevator is that team!