Elevator Door Operator Upgrades

Door operators undergo tremendous amount wear and tear in daily operation. Each time the elevator stops, the door operators are activated at least two times, more frequently if occupants manually hold the doors open. Elevator door operator upgrades should be considered as soon as possible. Door operators are easily replaced or upgraded, without requiring a significant amount of downtime. Some elevator maintenance companies report that nearly 75 percent of their service calls are for malfunctioning door operators.

Experts agree that doors cause the most problems and make regular elevator maintenance necessary. Doors become inflexible with age, failing to open and close properly. In this case, replacing the door hardware is the best solution.

Replacement includes the door operator (the motor that slides it open and closes it), levers, tracks, and hangers. Door operators also undergo tremendous wear and tear because of daily use.

The newer elevator door operators give a more superior door performance than the older style operators. This type of modernization can include:

  • Replacement of the existing elevator door operator
  • Replacement of the door reopening devices (safety edge or dual-beam light ray) with a light curtain, which protects passengers from being struck by the door