Elevator Control Modernization

Paramount Elevator Company specializes in custom elevator control modernization, ranging from simple updating of controls and hall fixtures, to extensive replacement of all your existing elevator equipment. Elevator modernizations keep older buildings competitive with newer buildings, and typically provide a good financial return on your building as well as improving your elevators safety, reliability and performance. Depending on the age and condition of your elevator equipment, the extent of the modernization may vary. Paramount Elevator Company can provide you with a free survey of your current equipment, and provide detailed information regarding the range of options for your upgrade. In addition to increasing the reliability and performance of your elevator, Paramount Elevator will bring your elevator equipment up to current ADA and state fire service codes.

Paramount Elevator Company only uses the best available equipment when performing modernizations. All modernizations begin with non-proprietary control systems and equipment which will enable you to use any qualified elevator service company of your choice to maintain your equipment in the future. Many large, international companies will only install their own proprietary controls and equipment which make it virtually impossible for building owners to change service companies down the road, regardless of the quality of service. This not only locks the building owner to one service company for the life of the equipment, it can also be costly in higher repair and maintenance costs.

After performing modernizations for over three decades, Paramount Elevator Company has the experience and expertise to select the best individual components for your elevator. Many companies try to save money by cutting corners and using lower quality components; however we believe that the slightly higher price of the best components is well worth the cost to ensure that you not only get the look you expect, but also the performance and reliability for many years to come.


  • You are experiencing higher repair costs related to controls
  • Inefficient, poor reliability and operation
  • Public safety considerations
  • Long customer/tenant wait times
  • Increased shutdowns and entrapments
  • Landing and leveling problems
  • Poor ride quality
  • Decrease energy costs
  • Serviceability / Proprietary Controls
  • Obsolescence